A new chapter of Apex Legends has arrived through the Season 4: Assimilation update. There’s a new character, Revenant, and additional weapons, along with a number of other under-the-hood changes.

Fans have now discovered another big update that flew under the radar. All characters in Apex Legends have been given a unique voiceline for when they self-revive.

The voicelines match with each character’s personality. For example, the wise-ass Mirage says, “And I’m back! Did everybody miss me? You know you missed me.” The healer Lifeline reflects in a positive manner, saying “All good, just a scrape.” The defensive-minded Caustic, meanwhile, quips, “Not even death can prevent me from completing my work.”

The new character, Revenant, an assassin, has multiple voicelines. In one of them, he simply lets out an “anguished scream,” which seems pretty fitting. You can see a roundup of all of the new voicelines over on Reddit.

For lots more on Apex Legends Season 4, check out GameSpot’s extended breakdown that covers everything you need to know.

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