My Hero Academia is having a rather big year, so it’s no surprise the hit anime series is also getting new Funko Pop releases. This isn’t the first time that My Hero Academia has received the Funko Pop treatment, but this time, the Pop lineup announced ahead of New York Toy Fair 2020 has a few more villains than the last release. (Everybody knows villains are way cooler than the heroes. Sorry, Deku.) Kurogiri, Shigaraki, Himiko, Overhaul, and heroes like All Might, Best Jeanist, and more are part of this new collection.

Deku, of course, is also getting a release. It’s rather unique and features Deku in a school uniform alongside a U.A. High School mini-figure. Other than figures, a whole host of other items like key chains, mystery minis, and character-themed Pez dispensers are also available for pre-order. Some figurines are also exclusive to specific stores. You will only be able to purchase the Mina Ashido figure at GameStop, the invisible Froppy mini at Hot Topic, the Endeavor figure at Amazon, and the Midnight Fantasy Pop at Galactic Toys.

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Himiko Toga | $11 (July 10)

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Funko Pop has released Himiko Toga in her civilian outfit before, but this is a first for her villain outfit. It’s super cute and evil, a perfect representation of Himiko.

Funko Mystery Minis | $7 (July 10)

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There are 12 Mystery Minis, and you’ll get one random mini for $6. Ochako with no helmet is a particularly attractive option, and there are not one, but two, Tsuyu Asui figurines.

Midnight | $17.95 (May)

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This is the first Midnight Pop to be released. Here’s hoping we’ll see other teachers join the lineup in the future.

U.A. High School with Deku in Uniform | $33 (July 1)

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And of course, the main character of the series is part of the new release, too. It comes with a mini replica of U.A. High School, which is pretty neat.

Kai Chisaki (Overhaul) | $11 (July 10)

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This is Overhaul’s first Pop appearance. As a major villain in the series, Overhaul has a pretty memorable design with his beak-like mask.

All the new My Hero Academia Funko Pops:

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