It’s a big weekend for free play days–there are five separate games available to play for free over the weekend running from November 8 until November 11. If you want to test something new out, here’s what’s available.

The Elder Scrolls Online currently has a free trial period, which is running until November 13 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 (you’ll need Xbox Live Gold to access the trial on Xbox One). You can test the game out for free, and then if you decide to jump in after that you can continue your progress without needing to start over.

If you’re after something completely different, you can jump onto Steam and try American Truck Simulator for the next three days. If you like it, you can grab the full game with a 75% discount until November 15 and keep driving down the game’s recreated American highways. The game’s user reviews average out as “very positive”; play it and see why.

Just Cause 4 is also enjoying a free weekend on Steam. This is, specifically, the ‘Reloaded’ edition of Just Cause 4, which comes with a few extras: the ‘Skystriker’ Weaponized Wingsuit, the Black Hand Stealth Micro Jet, the Neon Racer Pack, the Deathstalker Scorpion Pack, and the Renegade Pack. The game is also on special, as are several bundles collecting the game and various pieces of DLC–test it out and see if you’d like to keep playing.

Two different iterations of Cities: Skylines are also free to play this weekend. The PC version can be found on Steam, and is also on sale with a 75% discount from now until November 12, for both its standard and deluxe edition versions. The Xbox One version is similarly on sale at 75% off, and free to play over the weekend. This version is also available on Xbox Game Pass for consoles.

Finally, the Xbox One version of The Surge is free to play this weekend. You can download it now and test it out over the weekend, and then–once again–buy it at a 75% discount. The Surge is also available on Xbox Game Pass for consoles, so subscribers can play it at no additional cost.

That should be enough to keep you busy over the weekend.

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