The latest episode of The Empire Podcast features an interview with Jon Favreau and whilst promoting his latest film, The Lion King, Favreau also talks about his and his teams’ approach to The Mandalorian and how game engines play into his productions, with Epic’s Unreal Game Engine being an important part of The Mandalorian’s realisation.

Never did I think as a youth that ‘Parrallax Scrolling’ would be a major part of filmmaking in the future!  I for one am extremely excited to see how game engine technology is utilised in The Mandalorian.

Jon Favreau’s interview starts at 55.00 and you can check it out here or wherever you else you listen to podcasts.

Rutvig Vaid

Rutvig Vaid is a contributing writer for Jedi News and when he’s not obsessing over Star Wars, he dabbles in art, acting, writing and filmmaking.

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