Resident Evil and Street Fighter universes have a lot in common, if you think about it. Both basically have things that are not called magic but are imperceptible from magic. Neither one likes to ever age their characters with rare exceptions of children who become capable adults. Both have zombi–okay I guess there’s some differences, zombie costumes aside. You can minimize those differences, however, with Capcom’s newly-announced Resident Evil costumes for Street Fighter V.

The new costumes are for Cammy, Kolin, and Urien. Kolin dresses up in Ada’s Resident Evil 6 outfit, which seems like a missed opportunity to not use her red dress from Resident Evil 2 and especially 4. Urien completes the global saturation by dressing as Wesker, who has bad plans that inexplicably work out until Chris shows up. Cammy takes on the clothes of Jill Valentine, which gives her pants, so maybe she’ll be less cold now.

You can check out the video for these costumes below.

The costumes go on sale on November 27. Street Fighter V, which is fully known as Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, is available on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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