Destiny 2 players eager to get their hands on some new Exotic items are (possibly) in luck. Xur, the mysterious merchant and servant of the Nine, has popped up once again in Bungie’s shooter with a refreshed lineup of Exotic items for sale, and he’s got something that may be of use for Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters. Here’s what he’s selling from now until the next weekly reset on Tuesday, October 23, as well as where to find him.

Xur is apparently a fan of moons of Jupiter; he was recently found on Io, and that’s again where he’s located for this week. Bungie continues to reuse his standard spot for each map, meaning he can be found in Giant’s Scar. Spawn in at that landing zone and make your way forward through the building in front of you, and then follow the path to the left. Just up on a hill, you’ll find a small cave he’s hanging out in.

Festival of the Lost and Iron Banner may be underway, but there’s nothing unusual about Xur’s lineup of items. He has a piece of Exotic armor for each class, as well as one weapon: Crimson, the hand cannon. This is an excellent gun, firing a three-round burst and featuring the Cruel Remedy perk, which heals you when you get a kill and refills the magazine when you get a precision kill.

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On the armor side, Hunters can pick up The Dragon’s Shadow chest armor, which reloads your guns and provides a speed and handling buff after a dodge. Warlocks get the Crown of Tempests helmet, which speeds up arc ability recovery when you get arc ability kills. And Titans can get the Ashen Wake gauntlets, which improve fusion grenades by letting you throw them faster and causing them to explode on impact.

The full lineup and prices are as follows:

Xur Exotic Items (October 19-23)

  • Crimson (Exotic hand cannon) — 29 Legendary Shards
  • The Dragon’s Shadow (Exotic Hunter chest armor) — 23 Legendary Shards
  • Crown of Tempests (Exotic Warlock helmet) — 23 Legendary Shards
  • Ashen Wake (Exotic Titan gauntlets) — 23 Legendary Shards

Also from Xur, you can pick up a Five of Swords challenge card for adding modifiers to Nightfall strikes (which is needed to do the weekly Powerful gear challenge to score over 100,000 in the Nightfall). Additionally, he has the Fated Engram, which is pricey at 97 Legendary Shards but is guaranteed to decrypt into a Year One Exotic you don’t already have.

As noted above, Xur’s lineup may not be thrilling (though Crimson genuinely is great), but there’s plenty else happening in the game. You can get curated Iron Banner rewards from taking part in the Crucible mode, and we’re still in the first week of the three-week-long Halloween event, Festival of the Lost. This features a new activity called the Haunted Forest that’s fun and offers a path to a 600 Power level auto rifle called Horror Story–just be careful when going for the chest at the end.

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