Bluehole and PUBG Corp. have announced that this week’s PC event has been cancelled due to a “critical error,” though they did not specify beyond that.

This week’s event mode, Platoon, was a 50 vs. 50 battle in 10-man squads, will not return next week, either. In a tweet, the support account simply said it would return at a later date.

The tweet from the support account came 45 minutes after the announcement of the event from the main account. The first response from fans to the news was a simple “Your game is a critical error.”

The cancellation comes at the end of an already rough week for the game, where server instability has caused inconvenient downtime for the game, especially during primetime hours in the U.S. As an apology, the developers offered a make-good of cosmetic items and BP, but then the server fluctuations caused those items to be unevenly distributed, as well, causing more consternation among fans.

For now, though, fans who were looking forward to Platoon will have to wait a little bit longer to play.


It’s probably fine. It’s not like there’s any other battle royale modes having big introductions right now that frustrated players might go to.


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