An image shows the new Megan doll in a red room.

Image: NECA / Universal / Kotaku

A new life-size replica of the robotic doll and star of 2022 horror hit M3GAN is now available to pre-order from collectible company NECA. The doll was revealed on April Fools, but this isn’t a joke or prank product. No, this doll is real and it’s also really expensive, too. You’ll need to put down $500—the price of a PlayStation 5 with a disc drive—to get your hands on this replica Model 3 Generative Android.

In 2022 the world was introduced to Megan, the killer robot from the M3GAN horror film about a—get this—killer robot doll. The movie was a lot of fun, inspired a bunch of online jokes, and made enough money to greenlight a sequel which is set to arrive in 2025. And if you want to scare your friends or just have someone to hang out with while you wait for the new sequel, NECA has a full-size 1:1 replica doll based on the Megan robot seen in the film. No, it doesn’t move or talk, sorry.

An image shows the Megan doll's size compared to an average person.

Image: NECA / Universal / Kotaku

As spotted by IGN, the NECA version of Megan stands approximately 55 inches tall and is a true replica, “duplicated from actual film-used digital files to be the most screen-accurate representation available,” according to the store listing for the new doll.

NECA claims the fabric used for the doll’s dress is an exact match for the material used in the real movie. It also created custom shoes to better match the footwear Megan wears in the film. Inside the large doll is an articulated inner-armature and it also boasts movable eyes and synthetic hair.

As mentioned, the doll isn’t cheap. If you want your own Megan doll you’ll need to fork over $500—or the cost of a PlayStation 5 with a disc drive—to bring everyone’s favorite little murder doll home. NECA says this is a special “introductory” price, so it could go up at a later date.

NECA is taking pre-orders for the life-size Megan right now and says dolls will ship out sometime later this year.


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