Like all new seasons of Fortnite, Season 8 brought a number of map changes and updates both big and small. A jungle area now covers the northeastern portion of the map and many named locations have drastically changed.

This page looks at changes made for the Fortnite map along with comparison images from Season 7.

Here’s a look at the map at the start of Season 8:

The largest and most obvious change is the massive volcano sitting amidst the giant chunk of land now set in the jungle. Gone are Wailing Woods, Tomato Temple, and Lazy Links and in are Lazy Lagoon and Lazy Links.

Jungle Terrain[edit]

The entire northeastern portion of the map is now a jungle biome, featuring tall trees, uneven terrain, and several tropical themed locations.

Above is a look at the area a day before the changes were made. Take note of the brownish tone of Wailing Woods and the surrounding area. 

And there’s also a gigantic volcano right in the center of it all. Follow the lava river into the volcano itself to find a throne room for the recently released Prisoner. 

Gone But Not Forgotten[edit]

Three named locations took a hit with this volcanic update. The first is poor Lazy Links which got removed and part of its name stolen.

Wailing Woods was another sad one to see go. Instead of one concentrated forest, massive trees spread across the jungle biome and the popping Sunny Steps replace Wailing Woods as the named location.

And don’t forget about Tomato Town. Although this old temple can still be visited in Season 8, it no longer retains its named location status.

The Block has moved from its location in the northeast to a spot in the northwest, crushing the motel in the process.

The cargo containers area also got the boot. Instead we have a hot and deadly lava river.

New Points of Interest[edit]

While there are a ton of smaller areas and newer points of interest to check out in the jungle area, two new named locations take the spotlight. The first is Lazy Lagoon, the pirate town and remains of Lazy Links. The second is Sunny Steps, a colorful and ancient Aztec temple.

Lazy Lagoon adds a little more water to the map but it also brings a small port town and cool pirate ship. The area isn’t the largest but it certainly gives the map a little more variety.

Sunny Steps is a series of Aztec inspired temples. Explore the insides chests and loot and take in the bright colors.

Pirate Camps[edit]

Pirates have taken over seven abandoned locations across the map. You’ll know it’s a pirate camp by the flag with the white kraken along with the shoddy wooden infrastructure. Visiting all seven takes care of a challenge for Week 1!

Fork-Knife Mines[edit]

Epic is no stranger to poking fun at itself and the many memes Fortnite has created. This particular one is based on a common mispronunciation of Fortnite. After putting in food trucks named Fork-Knife around the map a few seasons ago, Epic has gone the extra mile and place two mines in the shape of a fork and a knife. You can find these mines northwest of Fatal Fields.

Animal Sculptures[edit]

We’ve had several animals made of wood and brick appear but none have stayed around forever. Starting with this season, a wooden fox can be found north of Snobby Shores.

A brick pig sits on the hill south of Lucky Landing. The metal llama north of Junk Junction lives on!

Tilted Towers Building[edit]

It’s that time of the season again. After just a few weeks in its complete and final version, the center building in Tilted Towers was destroyed when a crack from an earthquake formed underneath on the final day of Season 7.

Normally this would mean weeks and weeks of repair so you can imagine the surprise when the building is already well underway with construction at the start of Season 8.

For players unaware, this unfortunate building has been subject to destruction in multiple seasons. It was first destroyed at the start of Season 4 when a meteor ripped through the center. After many weeks of rebuilding, the poor building was finished in Season 6 only to be crushed by the giant purple cube. Season 7 saw a third version of the building complete before the unfortunate earthquake struck.

Abandoned Houses Got Upgrades[edit]

Some of the abandoned and dilapidated homes across the map received upgrades in Season 8!

The house at Pleasant Park had its giant tree removed from the roof and the insides remodeled.

The two buildings south of Haunted Hills remain abandoned but they also got a nice upgrade. They are now better and brighter abandoned buildings!

Southwest of Retail Row were two normal homes. Now they’ve gotten an extra upgrade and look a little more modern.

The Mansion and Evil Lair Are Looking Even Worse[edit]

That’s right the base of operations for both the good guys and bad guys from Season 4 has long since been abandoned, and it’s really starting to show.

The mansion is on its last legs with most of the upper floors gone and the rest in shambles.

The evil lair on the side of the cliff continues to deteriorate and the giant gaping hole doesn’t help anybody.

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