Sea of Thieves is set to add one of its most significant updates yet: solo play.

Ever since Rare’s multiplayer-focused pirate adventure game launched in 2018, the developers have faced questions about the addition of solo play. Now, it’s finally coming as part of Season 10 in December. Finally, you won’t have to worry about rival pirates stealing your hard-earned treasure!

In a post on Xbox Wire, creative director Mike Chapman explained the decision. “Just as we hope that the Skull of Siren Song will encourage competitive play, we recognize that for some players, a quieter, more independent experience can be preferable,” Chapman said.

“That’s why, in December, Season 10’s third major feature will introduce an entirely new game mode that grants players the ability to sail the Sea of Thieves alone or with a crew of friends, within their own private game session.”

Solo play comes as part of the Safer Seas feature. It’s intended to offer a “gentler” introduction to Sea of Thieves for new players, as well as a quieter map for existing players who want to play their own solo adventures.

“If you’re hoping to get some peaceful fishing done, or complete a few Tall Tales without interference, Safer Seas is the perfect choice,” Chapman continued. “All applicable Commendations can be progressed in this game mode, so there’s a lot to work towards without needing to keep an eye on the horizon for enemy players.”

To balance with the reduced risks of Safer Seas, rewards you can earn are correspondingly decreased from the main game mode, which will be renamed High Seas. Trading Companies will offer less gold and reputation for treasures handed in (although Seasonal Renown will be granted as normal), and the rank 40 cap means Pirate Legend status cannot be obtained while in Safer Seas, nor can Voyages on behalf of the Athena’s Fortune Trading Company be undertaken. Some other challenging and PvP-focused aspects of the game will also be out of reach, such as The Reaper’s Bones, the Emissary system and Faction battles.

“While High Seas will remain the primary and most aspirational way to play Sea of Thieves, Safer Seas offers a complimentary way to explore and learn more about the pirate life in a more predictable environment,” Chapman said. “Our hope is that this broadens Sea of Thieves’ appeal and encourages ever more players to find their sea legs, before graduating to the High Seas and proving themselves as Pirate Legends!”

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