Leave it to a demake of Resident Evil 4 to prove that the Chainsaw Man is just as terrifying in 2D as he is in the original. That’s right: A fan is recreating the survival-horror classic from a new side-scrolling perspective that looks like it’s blending SNES and PlayStation eras.

Spotted by Eurogamer, DooMero on YouTube has released gameplay video for this 2D demake of Resident Evil 4. While cinematics from the original game are utilized, the actual action shows Leon Kennedy running from side to side in the Spanish village from the title’s opening. He has his trusty handgun and looks more flexible than ever roundhouse kicking the rural town’s inhabitants.

The demake is apparently made with a Doom mod called GZDoom. There is no time window given yet by DooMero on when his Resident Evil 4 demake will be playable by the public. It’s not the first time the survival-horror series has gotten this treatment. In 2021, a YouTuber named Hoolopee showed off a Resident Evil Village demake that reimagined the game for the original PlayStation.

Earlier this year, Capcom released a remake of Resident Evil 4 that sold 4 million copies in two weeks. Going forward, the company wants to know what other Resident Evil remakes fans would like to see.

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