Do you know who loves VR? That’s right baby, it’s Capcom. More specifically the resident evil team. They have put out 3, soon to be 4, major VR experiences for the iconic horror franchise. Resident Evil VII: Biohazard for the PlayStation VR, Resident Evil 4 for the Meta Quest 2, and Resident Evil Village for the PlayStation VR2. But are any of these actually worth playing?

After all, these aren’t spinoff games or side stories, but mainline Resident Evil games playable from start to finish in VR. Much like how Half-Life Alyx showed how VR can evolve and elevate a beloved series, the same is possible for Resident Evil.

In this video we’re going to explore how each of these games handles VR, what’s great and not so great about them, and in one case provide an alternative way to play.

REFramework by praydog for RE7 VR on PC

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