Lego has officially announced four new Sonic the Hedgehog sets, which will be released on August 1. These sets won’t just include a minifig of Sonic, but his allies Tails and Amy will also be included in several of the new collections.

Sonic’s Green Hill Zone Loop Challenge has 802 pieces to assemble into an iconic stage featuring the Blue Blur and also comes with four animal critters, Amy, Sonic, and Dr. Eggman in one of his machines. Tail’s Workshop has 376 pieces that can be assembled into a workshop and a small biplane for Tails to fly, while Amy’s Animal Rescue Island is 388 pieces of tropical sanctuary construction.

Finally, Sonic’s Speed Sphere Challenge is a 292-piece set that includes the hedgehog, a brick-built Moto bug, and Sonic’s Flicky friend. You’ll be able to build a launcher and hurl Sonic with it as he collects some of the accessories that are included in this kit–or lets the laws of physics send them flying.

As for pricing, the sets range from $35 to $100. The Lego Sonic The Hedgehog sets will go on sale from August 1 through Lego’s online and physical stores.

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Sonic’s Green Hill Zone Loop Challenge — $100

  • Pieces: 802
  • Nine characters and accessories–The set comes with Sonic, Amy, a Flicky, Becky, Pocky, Pecky, Dr. Eggman, plus Badniks Chopper and Newtron.

Sonic’s Speed Sphere Challenge — $35

  • Pieces: 292
  • Three characters and accessories–The set comes with Sonic the Hedgehog, the iconic Moto bug Badnik, Sonic’s Flicky friend.

Tails’ Workshop and Tornado Plane — $40

  • Pieces: 376
  • Four characters and accessories–This action playset comes with characters Sonic, Tails, a Clucky, Buzz Bomber.

Amy’s Animal Rescue Island — $50

  • Pieces: 388
  • Six characters and accessories–The set comes with characters Amy, Tails, Crabmeat, Picky, Pocky, and a Flicky.

This isn’t the first time that Sonic has received the Lego treatment, as back in 2021, a Sonic Mania: Green Hill Zone was released through the Lego Ideas platform. The concept design was based on the beloved Green Hill Zone, and is just one of several video game-themed sets that Lego has released over the last few years. Still available, this original Sonic kit is currently $10 off at Amazon .

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