Redfall, the upcoming co-op vampire shooter from Arkane, is set to be one of the biggest games of the spring. However, it will launch with the anti-piracy tool Denuvo on PC, which isn’t very well-liked in the wider gaming community. The below text was taken from the game’s Steam page.

Denuvo is a DRM tool designed to prevent piracy that’s been used in many high-profile games. However, it’s garnered a lot of distrust over the years because it requires an internet connection. (However, that might be dropped in Redfall’s case.) It can also have a substantial negative impact on game performance, making it particularly unpopular among PC gamers who spend a lot on their rigs.

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Back in 2021, players noted that the cracked versions of Resident Evil Village actually ran better than the non-cracked version, as Denuvo can cause significant frame drops. In fact, Capcom recently removed Denuvo from Village. However, as of this writing, the Resident Evil 4 remake still has the anti-piracy tool.

In a recent interview, Redfall creative director Harvey Smith said that the studio has weathered a number of crises during its development, including the COVID-19 pandemic and frequent power outages in the Austin area, where Arkane is located. After playing a sneak preview of the game, our critic Tamoor Hussain wrote that Redfall offers a uniquely Arkane spin on the looter shooter concept, though he remains unsure of the studio’s new direction.

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