One of Orlando Bloom’s very first movie roles was one that still defines him: Legolas from The Lord of the Rings. The arrow-slinging elf is a central member of the Fellowship and he plays a major role in the story. Bloom trained significantly 20 years ago to portray Legolas in the Peter Jackson movies, and the actor remains skilled with a bow, as he showed off on Instagram recently.

“Still got it,” Bloom captioned the video, in which he successfully and calmly appears to hit two bullseyes from range with his longbow. It’s impressive stuff–here’s the video:

The Fellowship of the Ring celebrates its 20th anniversary this from after its theatrical debut in December 2001. The franchise remains popular, with Amazon currently filming a big-budget Lord of the Rings TV show in New Zealand, and a new animated movie is in production.

Outside of film and TV, Daedalic is making a Lord of the Rings game focused on Gollum, while Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford recently revealed that he pitched Lord of the Rings video games before going on to make Borderlands.

As for Bloom, he’s had a long and successful career after The Lord of the Rings. He also starred in Jackson’s Hobbit movies, the Pirates of the Caribbean series for Disney, and Amazon’s Carnival Row. Most recently, he plays Prince Harry in the animated comedy The Prince.

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