The next historical Total War game has been revealed to be Total War: Troy.The news comes thanks to an exclusive cover story in PC Gamer magazine, the latest issue of which has just gone on sale. A picture of the front cover – taken by PC Gamer writer Andy Kelly and posted to Twitter, and subsequently uploaded to Reddit – revealed that Total War: Troy is the next game in Creative Assembly’s Total War Saga series, which focuses on specific conflicts in history, rather than whole eras.

The cover reveals little else about the game, aside from a strap line that explains that battles take place in “a world of gods and monsters”. What that means for a historical Total War game remains to be seen, especially since fantastical elements have traditionally been only seen in the Total War: Warhammer series.

See our review of the first Total War Saga game in the video above.

The Total War Saga series has so far consisted of two games; Thrones of Britannia, and retroactively added Fall of the Samurai, which was originally a standalone expansion for Shogun 2. Total War: Troy will mark the third entry in the series, and the second original title.

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Earlier this year, Creative Assembly released the latest mainline game – Total War: Three Kingdoms, which explores the struggles of China during the period of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Our Total War: Three Kingdoms review scored it as one of the best games of 2019 so far.

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