Once you’ve completed Kingdom Hearts 3‘s story, saved, and returned, you’ll be notified that Battlegates have appeared all around the different worlds. Each Battlegate has a difficulty rating, and completing them rewards you with specific Synthesis Materials and Secret Reports. Here are all 14 Battlegates locations in KH3.

These Battlegates are blue, spiky orbs that you’ll be able to recognize instantly – they stick out like sore thumbs. Approach them to accept the challenge, which is usually a basic fight featuring multiple enemies. There are 14 Battlegates.

Battlegate #1 – Mount Olympus[edit]

  • Difficulty: 1 Star
  • Location: Mt. Olympus – in the lobby of the Realm of the Gods
  • Fast Travel Point: The nearest fast travel point is Summit. Teleport here and go up the stairs into the Realm of the Gods
  • Rewards: Fire Cufflink, Secret Report 1
  • Tips: These bulls have strong attacks and defense so avoid melee attacks. Use magic, team moves, and Links to make short work of them from afar.
  • Difficulty: 1 Star
  • Location: Mount Olympus – at the top of the Mountain, where you previously fought the Rock Titan.
  • Fast Travel Point: Apex
  • Rewards: Cosmic Belt+, Secret Report 2
  • Tips: Your main enemies are two giant rock Heartless and the occasional weak adds. Focus on one giant Heartless at a time because they have a lot of health. Take your time and dodge the ranged rock attacks they use. Save MP for healing and Links.
  • Difficulty: 2 Star
  • Location: Twilight Town – right outside the front wall of the Old Mansion.
  • Fast Travel Point: The Old Mansion
  • Rewards: Evanescence Crystal, Secret Report 3
  • Tips: You will want to use area attacks as much as possible like attractions, team moves, and Links. Avoid the laser Nobodies and take them out first. In the second half, avoid the box when it’s red and attack when it’s blue.

Battlegate #4 – Toy Box[edit]

  • Difficulty: 1 Star
  • Location: Toy Box Toy Box – Kid Korral. Right next to where you fast travel to.
  • Fast Travel Point: Kid Korral
  • Rewards: Mega Elixer, Secret Report #4
  • Tips: Your main enemies are some laser cannons and the jetpack Heartless. You will want to use ranged attacks like team moves and magic because of the mobility of the jetpacks. You will also want to focus on taking out the laser cannons as fast as possible.

Battlegate #5 – Toy Box[edit]

  • Difficulty: 2 Star
  • Location: Toy Box – lobby of Galaxy Toys, in front of the opening doors to the parking lot.
  • Fast Travel Point: Galaxy Toys Entrance
  • Rewards: Thunder Cufflink, Secret Report 5
  • Tips: This challenging battle starts you against the Bahamut-like mechs without a mech of your own. You are going to want to keep distance between you and them with magic, Links, team moves, and attractions. Use the shelves and other environmental items for cover when necessary. In the second half, focus on one mech, take it out, and then take it over for attacking the others.

Battlegate #6 – Kingdom of Corona[edit]

  • Difficulty: 2 Star
  • Location: Kingdom of Corona – Quarry section where you first fought the chariot tower in a rocky area.
  • Fast Travel Point: Wildflower Clearing
  • Rewards: Illusory Crystal, Secret Report 6
  • Tips: You are dealing with not one but two cannon Heartless in this fight. However, one is stationary so avoid its bombs and focus on the moving one. After it’s defeated, focus on the other and take it out one section at a time.

Battlegate #7 – Kingdom of Corona[edit]

  • Difficulty: 2 Star
  • Location: Kingdom of Corona – The Forest, shortly outside of the Tower. After leaving through the vine door, hang a right, ignoring the Flan, and you’ll find it near a lake.
  • Fast Travel Point: The Tower
  • Rewards: Air Cufflink, Secret Report 7
  • Tips: You have a bunch of those flower Heartless and Mary Poppins-like ones to deal with. Focus on the lady Heartless enemies as they have strong ranged attacks. Then deal with the towering flower Heartless with form changes and team moves.

Battlegate #8 – Monstropolis[edit]

  • Difficulty: 1 Star
  • Location: Monstropolis – Tank Yard. Travel here and head to the silo where you had a mini-boss fight. It is located here.
  • Fast Travel Point: Door Vault (7th fast travel point)
  • Rewards: Illusory Crystal, Secret Report 8
  • Tips: You are up against the Demon Tower once more. It’s even easier than the last time but it’s worth remembering to avoid the Demon Tower when it tries to come up under you and when it scatters. Other than that, use whichever abilities you prefer the most.

Battlegate #9 – Arendelle[edit]

  • Difficulty: 2 Star
  • Location: Arendelle – The Labyrinth of Ice. From The Gorge, enter the Labyrinth and take the elevator down to the Middle Tier. Head straight up to the large room that has it there.
  • Fast Travel Point: The Gorge
  • Rewards: Evanescent Crystal, Secret Report 9
  • Tips: You have a ton of Nobodies to deal with in this fight. There are the standard ones as well as the scythe-wielding ones from Kingdom of Corona. You are going to want to use huge moves like strong magic spells, team moves, and Links to quickly make short work of the overwhelming number of enemies. Marshmallow will be a huge help with the boss fight at the end.

Battlegate #10 – Caribbean[edit]

  • Difficulty: 1
  • Location: Caribbean – The Huddled Isles. Turn around and face your ship. From there, fly around the island heading in the right direction until you find a cave. The Battlegate is in there.
  • Fast Travel Point: The Huddled Isles
  • Rewards: Water Cufflink, Secret Report 10
  • Tips: Here, you will have to deal with a lot of Pirates-exclusive Heartless like the bug flying ones, armored ones, and the swinging Heartless. There are a lot of them with strong defense so be sure to use Links and magic to take them out from afar.

Battlegate #11 – San Fransokyo[edit]

  • Difficulty: 2
  • Location: San Fransokyo – North District. You need to do this in the daytime. Fast travel and go to the building up ahead northwest of you. There will be a rail section nearby. Slide on it until you reach a tunnel near the western edge of the map. It is there.
  • Fast Travel Point: North District
  • Rewards: Ying-Yang Cufflink, Secret Report 11
  • Tips: You are up against the giant metal Heartless as well as the normal big Heartless. You want to take care of the adds quickly so you can focus all your energy on the giant one. It will use armor at one point so be sure to demolish that quickly so you can take out its health again.

Battlegate #12 – San Fransokyo[edit]

  • Difficulty: 1
  • Location: San Fransokyo – Central District. Fast travel to the North District and head to the building behind you in the southwestern direction. Run up it until you reach the top. It is found here.
  • Fast Travel Point: North District
  • Rewards: Blizzard Cufflink, Secret Report 12
  • Tips: This is a fairly easy fight against a few bull Heartless and some Big Hero 6-specific ones. These are some of the weakest and most standard enemies you’ll fight in these challenges so use whichever abilities you prefer the most.

Battlegate #13 – Keyblade Graveyard[edit]

  • Difficulty: 2
  • Location: Keyblade Graveyard – Badlands. Go to this save point and head south. You can’t miss it.
  • Fast Travel Point: Badlands
  • Rewards: Celestriad, Secret Report 13
  • Tips: This is a rematch against the giant T-Rex Heartless. For the most part, it’s pretty much the same. We recommend using magic and long-range attacks as it is fairly weak to them and it deals some heavy damage up close.

Battlegate #14 – Keyblade Graveyard[edit]

  • Difficulty: 3
  • Location: Keyblade Graveyard – Badlands. Go to this save point and head north. You can’t miss it.
  • Fast Travel Point: Badlands
  • Rewards: Crystal Regalia
  • Tips: This boss is extremely fast, agile, and deals huge damage that will destroy your health in a few hits. It has three main forms. For a complete walkthrough on how to beat Dark Inferno, check out our specific Dark Inferno Secret Boss Walkthrough, and watch the video below.

This gate’s battle is incredible difficulty, and is possibly the most difficult fight in Kingdom Hearts 3. Be prepared.

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