The Warhammer IP has been tapped for no shortage of games, with multiple Warhammer titles hitting each year on all manner of platforms with all kinds of genres. Today, Virtual Realms and Games Workshop announced a new free-to-play Warhammer title coming to mobile devices – Warhammer Odyssey.

In it, players take control of classic Warhammer archetypes like Slayers, Archemages, and Witch Hunters through environments like Drakwald Forest and The Wasteland. Three races and six classes let players customize their options in the Old World. Each class archetype comes with different skills and abilities, whether that’s smashing skulls or slinging spells, so each race/class combo brings something new to a mercenary company.

The game is “coming soon” and users can pre-register here. Episodic content is expected to roll out post-launch with activities for players to engage in, similar to a standard MMO.

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