Classic Mode functions as the game’s “Normal Difficulty.” Mellow Mode is the game’s “Easy Mode.” This portion of the Guide explains the differences between the modes and the benefits of using Mellow Mode (even if you’re only using it occassionally).

Below are the definitions for each mode, provided in-game.

  • Classic Mode: This mode is recommended for more experienced players.
  • Mellow Mode: This mode makes the game a little breezier and relaxed.

Note: You can switch between modes at any time in the game, even during a level. Feel free to change into Mellow Mode to handle a particularly challenging spot and then switch back to Classic Mode for a more traditional experience.

How Mellow Mode Differs From Classic Mode[edit]

The game’s definition is pretty vague. Here’s what a “breezier” more “relaxed” experience looks like in Yoshi‘s Crafted World and why even “experienced players” may find it useful to switch into.

Yoshi‘s Wings Let You Fly and Hover[edit]

The most obvious difference is the fact that Mellow Mode Yoshi has wings! This turns Yoshi‘s Flutter Jump (Press and Hold A) into a Flying move.

Mellow Mode Jump vs Classic Mode Jump

Instead of having to repeatedly Flutter Jump, Yoshi will fly across the screen until you release A.

Yoshi can also reach higher places because tapping A lets you go higher and higher into the level.

Great For

  • Timed Challenges in tricky areas. For example: hitting the blue balloons before time runs out can get tricky when on an unsteady platform.
  • Exploration and backtracking. Wondering if that Flower is just really high up somewhere? Use your wings to take to the skies quickly. Worried you missed something but it’s now impossible to reach? Just fly back.

Enemies Do Less Damage and Yoshi Picks Up More Hearts[edit]

Normally, Yoshi loses 4 hearts when hit. In Mellow mode, Yoshi only loses 1 heart. You can also pick up more hearts.

Great for…

  • Boss battles that are giving your trouble.
  • When you’re low on health and don’t want to risk needing to redo a large section.

You Get a Helpful Flower Tracker[edit]

Whenever you get a Flower, it takes up a slot to show you which number Flower you just collected and remind you how many Flowers you have left to find.

Mellow Mode Flower Search vs Classic Flower Search

In Mellow Mode, the empty flower slot will flash yellow when a Flower is nearby and your controller will vibrate.

Great for…

  • quickly getting that Flower you just can’t find.

All Question Mark Winged Clouds Are Visible[edit]

In Mellow Mode all hidden Question Mark Winged Clouds are already visible! These clouds can have Coins, Hearts, Flowers, and Red Coins in them.

Mellow Mode Question Mark Winged Cloud vs Classic Mode’s Hidden Cloud

Great for…

  • Uncovering a tricky secret.

Make 2 Eggs From One Enemy[edit]

Usually eating an enemy, such as a Shy Guy, gives you one Egg. In Mellow Mode, you get two Eggs.

Great for…

  • Boss battles because opportunities to make Eggs are somewhat limited.
  • Those who don’t want to worry (as much) about conserving Eggs.

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