At Wondercon in Aneheim, California, DC Universe held a panel showing off its upcoming additions for 2019 and early 2020 to its streaming service. Said panel was full of information including premiere dates of new and returning shows, a look at Stargirl, and the announcement of the Syfy series Krypton headed to the service.

First and foremost, panel-goers got the first look at Courtney Whitmore dressed in the Stargirl costume from the upcoming original series of the same name, set to air in early 2020. The show is based on the 1999 DC comic book character Stargirl, who is a legacy hero and member of the Justice Society of America, DC Comics’ oldest superhero team. You can see the costume for yourself below.

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However, that’s not all DC Universe had in store. The next original series in the service’s canon, the horror show Swamp Thing, will premiere on May 31. Like all other original programming, a new episode of the series will come to the DC Universe app every Friday.

Additionally, the second half to the animated series Young Justice: Outsiders will debut on July 2, but that’s not all. Season 2 of Titans will arrive this fall. While Titans may have had a slow start, it ended up being incredible and vastly exceeded expectations. After Titans Season 2 airs, the Harley Quinn animated series will follow. DC Universe wants to have a new episode of an original series every Friday without any lapses.

On top of the original content, DC Universe is also bringing over the Syfy series Krypton, which follows Superman’s grandfather on his home planet. It is much better than it sounds. Season 1 arrives on April 5. DC Universe will also be releasing the home video release of Justice League vs. The Fatal Five on April 16, the same day it comes to 4K, Bluray, and DVD.

DC Universe release dates:

  • Krypton Season 1: April 5
  • Justice League vs. The Fatal Five: April 16
  • Swamp Thing: May 31
  • Young Justice: Outsiders Season 1B: July 2
  • Titans Season 2: Fall 2019
  • Stargirl: Early 2020

Finally, the service is expanding its comic book section of the app, offering individual issues 12 months after their original publishing date. Subscribers can stay up relatively up to date on series they don’t normally read or catch up on series they may have missed.

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