Genichiro Ashina is a boss found within the Ashina Castle and is the main boss of the area.

Genichiro Ashina / Genichiro, Way of Tomoe
Location Ashina Castle
Deathblows to defeat 3
Drops Memory, Genichiro, Bloodsmoke Ninjitsu
Weakness None

The man who stole the Wolf‘s Lord at the beginning of the game, Genichiro Ashina is holding him at the top of a building in Ashina Castle. He wields a large bow along with his two handed katana.

After taking out the mini-boss, Ashina Elite – Jinsuke Saze, heading out the window to his left and around the building, you can grapple to the rooftop will you’ll find a cutscene with this boss, after which the boss fight will initiate.

Be sure to stock up on a few Eel Liver, which are found in and around Ashina Castle.

In the first phase of this boss fight, you’ll be working on an enemy that is for the most part very legible. So much so, that within a couple attempts you’ll have most of his moves memorized and can be far more on the offensive with him to try and reach the second phase sooner. Just focus on not getting hit as much as possible to avoid using your healing items in the first phase.


  • Shoot – Roll – Downward Swing – This is the attack he’ll always lead with
  • Jump Slam- Can be followed up by two types of Perilous Attacks
  • Slash – Kick – Arrow Shot
  • Long hold arrow shot. He’ll often use this if you retreat to heal. Dodge it.
  • 7-hit flurry. This attack can make quick work of you if you don’t see it coming. However, if you precisely time your parries on this attack, you’ll do a lot of Posture damage to Genichiro.
  • Duel horizontal slash.
  • 4 arrow shot. – this can be very hard to avoid. It’s better to purely block it.

Perilous Attacks:

  • Lunge attack. This attack can be used at the end of the Jump Slam attack or also used unaccompanied and can be counteracted with the lunge counter.
  • Sweep attack. Similarly to the lunge attack, this attack can also be used alone or in a combo.

In addition to his powerful katana attacks, Genichiro will regularly take out his bow to hassle you from afar. This can range from a one or two quick shots before he rolls forward to slash with his blade, or he may pull back his bowstring for a powerful blast that will send you sliding back even with a deflection. He can also jump into the air and loose a volley of three rapid fire strikes followed by one more shot before falling to the ground, and can deal a lot of damage if not guarded against.

Perhaps his most fearsome attack comes when he readies his blade off to your left, before swinging it up with two strikes, (or he may try to strafe you first) and then performing a slow spin that will unleash a flurry of combo attacks – 7 in all – that ends in an uppercut that forces both of you back. It is obviously and extremely dangerous move, but once you get the pattern down, it can be a great way to chain deflects to rapidly damage his posture – and you can sometimes score a free hit after the combo ends.

Other intense attacks to watch out for include a jumping stab where he plunges his sword into the ground, and immediately follows up with a perilous thrust in your direction. Try not to fear the second stab, and wait for him to charge up before stepping in with a Mikiri Counter to further damage his posture.

He may sometimes simply crouch down in preparation for a thrust but it’s not as obvious, since there’s no warmup you can see coming. However, if you see him dart off to your left as the perilous symbol flashes, be sure to jump and dodge away, as he has a very short-ranged put powerful grab that ends with a massive punch.

This fight is a battle of attrition – you can’t get greedy, so be ready to alternate single attacks and deflections with him, and look for openings after his combo attacks to get hits in where you can. The Loaded Shuriken combined with the chasing slice skill can let you close the distance on him quick, which is useful when he tries charging up his bow, or is about to jump into the air – which you can shut down if you react quickly. Make sure when trading blows with him, especially on his big attacks, that you find some distance when possible to hold guard and regenerate your posture quickly – if he breaks your posture, you may not be able to recover in time to avoid some of his attacks.

When you take off one of his health bars, he’ll change things up only slightly to try and trick you. Following his jumping stab attacks, he’ll now follow up with a low sweep that you’ll have to jump on him to avoid – instead of the thrusts (though he can still do them at random – just not after jumping stabs). He’ll also now run to your right before moving up in a low sweep attack, which can sometimes be difficult to distinguish from his grab (which has him running to your left) – if in doubt, just jump away to play it safe.

Genichiro, Way of Tomoe[edit]

In his second stage, Genichiro sill shed his armor and take up his ancestral power of lightning. You can counteract some of the effects of the lightning. There’s also a way to parry the lightning back on Genichiro mid air if you can time it correctly.

Added Perilous Attacks:

  • Run and dive stab. This attack will lead off the phase two fight almost every time.
  • Jump Lightning Slam. Genichiro will jump to your right, taking up lightning into his sword and slamming it down in a line attack that will do heavy damage if it hits.
  • Jump Lightning Sweep. Genichiro will jump, taking up lightning into his sword and sweeping it across the field. Jump over or dodge through this.
  • He now adds his lunge attack to his 7-hit flurry.

He may only have one health bar for this version of the fight, but In addition to all of his existing attacks – he now has even more tricks up his sleeve. You’ll probably be tempted to either heal up or use an Eel Liver when the fight begins – but Genichiro will usually start with an impressive jumping thrust attack that can cross the room extremely quickly – and is hard to react to.

He may also start running at you while yelling and his free arm outstretched, which is your signal that he’s going for a running grab attack that you’ll need to sprint and jump away from to avoid.

However, the worst attack of all comes from his new lightning infused blade – which comes when he jumps high into the air. A lightning bolt will hit his blade, which he’ll use to either slash downward or slash low across and hit you with it. If it connects while you’re on the ground – you’ll take massive damage, and probably die unless you have that Eel Liver active.

If it hits you in the air, you’ll have just a second to quickly retaliate by pressing the attack button to charge the blast into your own blade and hit it right back at him. If you land while still electrically charged, the current will blast you.

If that wasn’t bad enough, he may also leap into the air and electrify his bow instead, which has a much more precise shot and can hit a lot harder – but the same rules still apply. If you manage to retaliate by charging the electricity back at him, you’ll shave off a good amount of his health, AND stun him for several moments letting you apply a lot of damage without fear of his retaliations – and possibly break his posture if he’s already high up.

It’s definitely a risk/reward scenario, but above all else make sure your dodging by jumping when you see lightning hit the air.

As long as you can continue to keep up the pressure, and deflect his combo chains while recovering your own posture, you can defeat him long before his health is depleted, as his posture recovers fairly slowly even after only 25% of his health is gone. Utilize shurikens to keep pressure on him when he retreats with his bow, and eventually Lord Genichiro will fall.

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