Pleasant Park, February 2, 11am PT.

Marshmello, an American DJ and electronic music producer, will almost definitely be playing a concert in Fortnite this weekend.

Though Epic has not made any official announcements, the evidence that this concert will be happening is solid. First, on Marshmello’s website, he’s listed that his next official concert will be happening at Pleasant Park on February 2. Meanwhile, a stage is currently being set up within the Pleasant Park suburban area of the Fortnite map, right on top of a football field.

Then, most tellingly, there are multiple posters advertising this concert in Pleasant Park on February 2 at 11am PT/2pm ET as part of a showtime challenge – check out our wiki guide to see exactly where these posters are. As reported by Forbes, there was also a major series of leaks that include a Marshmello skin, other Marshmello event challenges, animations for the event and more.

It also appears there will be a limited time match called “Party at Pleasant Park” which will enable respawns, suggesting players will be able to fight each other during the concert. Marshmello has had previous experience with the game, as last year he won a celebrity Fortnite tournament with Ninja as his partner.

Events that happen in real time within Fortnite aren’t new, but hosting a “live” concert (it’s highly likely the audio will be prerecorded) that players can witness within the game is certainly an interesting concept.

Previous real time events include the destruction of a massive iceberg and a floating ice sphere, a bizarre purple cube exploded and threw players into a void, and a festive New Years Eve event.

Colin Stevens is a news writer for IGN. Follow him on Twitter.

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