With a few notable exceptions, posters for superhero movies tend to look of a certain type: a stern-looking hero, surrounded by explosions, maybe a villain head peering over the background. As if to respond to this trend, the latest posters for Captain Marvel put the focus much more closely on the hero herself, with bright pop art-inspired backgrounds and heavy contrast to make the colors stand out.

The posters were shown off by Disney marketing head Asad Ayaz, who similarly got first dibs to debut the live-action Aladdin remake poster. This pair of posters shows Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, in both her Kree warrior helmet (complete with stylish mohawk) and the more recognizable superhero suit.

This movie is a prequel of sorts, and will take place largely in the 1990s with a young Nick Fury. It aims to explain the origins of Captain Marvel, and where she’s been all these years as the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and various other heroes have faced multiple world-ending threats without her.

This will all set the stage for Avengers: Endgame, in which we expect Captain Marvel to play a large part. In a post-credits sequence in Infinity War, Nick Fury put out an emergency distress call to Captain Marvel just before he faded away along with half the population. That implied that calling her in was something of a desperate last resort, so her standalone movie will go a long way to explaining why she’s a one-woman cavalry.

Endgame will mark the end of the ten-year culmination of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, which have all been leading toward the events of Infinity War and the genocidal supervillain Thanos. More movies are already scheduled to come afterwards, like Spider-Man: Far From Home, but the world of the MCU is likely to be changed in some large ways, and Captain Marvel may take more of a leading role.

We just got our first look at the new suits that will be used in Avengers Endgame, and it’s shaping up to be the longest MCU movie yet. Before that final payoff to the Thanos arc, though, we need to see what Danvers is up to. Her movie will release on March 8.

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