Life is Strange 2 has had a bit of a non-traditional schedule. While episodic, the episodes seem to be coming out at a kind of a strange pace, with a preview episode releasing during E3, the official first episode hitting in September, and a second episode coming out months later on January 24.

That means there will be about 119 days between the first two episodes. In their self-described pursuit of quality, Dontnod is actively eschewing the traditional monthly episodic model, which honestly made very little sense in the first place. The developer emphasized the quality aspect when they initially narrowed down the release date to January.

You can read our review of the first episode of Life is Strange 2 here, as well as the free preview episode The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit right here.


Games are more complicated to make than they were a generation ago, but even if they weren’t, it’s strange to assume that everything will go right. The monthly model lead to bad working conditions which created worse products. I say ship the episodes when they’re done and the developers are satisfied because it means a better game in the end, even if it’s not a faster one.

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