The Hellboy reboot starring David Harbour as the titular protagonist, has divided fans since its announcement. Posters have excited some people and worried others, some fans want it closer to the source material while others prefer it to stray further away. The first trailer, which Lionsgate released today, might go a long way to getting a lot more people on board at once.

Check out the first trailer for Hellboy below.

The trailer seems to emphasize Hellboy charting a middle ground of being confident and cocksure while also still discovering his place in the world. Also smashing things real good with his giant arm.

Milla Jovovich plays the movie’s villain, Nimue the Blood Queen. Ian McShane takes on the role of Professor Bruttenholm, Hellboy’s adoptive father who is looking to help his prodigal son become the best kind of hero he can be.

Hellboy is scheduled to hit theaters on April 12.

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