Both Capcom and The Game Awards account had confirmed that new gameplay content for Devil May Cry 5 would appear at the show. Thanks to an accidental leak from the Xbox Portugal Facebook, the trailer released early, containing new information about the game.

The trailer shows all three playable characters, including the mysterious V. While his gameplay style has been kept under wraps, the new trailer shows that he fights using summoned demons and occasionally incorporating his cane in battle. He also appears to have a Devil Trigger, or at least some kind of mode that turns his hair stark white, and allows him to summon boss-caliber demons to fight alongside him.

In terms of story, V is seen offering Dante a job to help stop a powerful demon from resurrecting. It is hard to tell if the dissociated way he tells Dante about the job is meant to imply he’s hiding something or he’s just like that.

The footage also confirms that there will be a demo releasing tomorrow on Xbox One exclusively, there is no word on whether there is a PlayStation 4 demo in the works. This is not terribly surprising, as Capcom tends to offer exclusive demos to marketing partners, as they did with the Monster Hunter: World betas last year on PlayStation 4. It is not yet clear what the demo will contain or if it will have all three characters playable.

Also of note is that Bloody Palace, the arena-based ladder for players to test their skills against enemies, will be coming after launch in an update. Capcom says in the trailer that it will arrive in April, so within two months of the game’s release date.

We will update this post with the full high-quality trailer when it airs tonight at The Game Awards.

Devil May Cry 5 releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on March 8.

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