A $1,000 phone definitely needs a case.

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The iPhone X is the most intriguing Apple phone in a long time. In addition to removing the Home button it’s the first iPhone outfitted with an OLED panel, so if you’re making the jump to Apple’s latest creation you’re going to want to make sure that it is properly protected, but that you can still enjoy its gorgeous display. From wallet and rugged cases to sleek and clean options, we’ve rounded up the best cases for the iPhone X.

Best Case for Heavy Duty Protection – OtterBox Defender

They may not be the most elegant cases, but the OtterBox Defender Series is always unbeatable for full phone protection. Sure, they’re big and bulky, but for some, it isn’t worth it to take chances with your brand new iPhone X. The rugged outer slipcover will keep it safe when dropped, and the internal shell will make sure the fanciest iPhone stays securely in place. This won’t make you stop being clumsy, but it’ll keep your phone intact phone when you are.

Best Fit – Apple Silicon

Since the iPhone X sports a brand new design for the company, if you want to find a case that fits your phone perfectly, Apple’s own Silicone Case is the way to go. Its simple and clean design complements the look of the iPhone X, and the soft-touch finish gives you some extra grip to prevent unintentional slips.

The Silicone Case comes in a variety of colors, including a (Product) Red finish. Since this accessory is designed by Apple, there’s no need to worry about it hindering the phone’s wireless charging capabilities.

Best Slim Case – Tozo Ultra Thin Case

Just because you want to protect your iPhone X doesn’t mean that you have to wrap it in an inch of rubber. Tozo’s Ultra Thin Case is only 0.35mm-thick, but is still able to provide defense from scratching and minor bumps. The camera hole is raised to make sure you don’t mess up the new iPhone’s dual-lens shooter. For style points, Tozo’s case is semi-transparent, so onlookers can still easily identify the iconic Apple logo, and wireless charging can proceed unimpeded.

Best Wallet Case – FYY Wallet Case

The Wallet Case from FYY doesn’t only include space for cards, cash, and your iPhone X, but it’s also handmade of genuine leather for a premium feel. The case acts as a kickstand for extended video sessions, and the cover has been designed so that you can take calls while the case is closed. For protection beyond the elements and the occasional accident, FYY’s case also comes with RFID blocking to prevent information from being stolen from the cards inside.

Best Clear Case – Yesgo Cover Crystal


The iPhone X is certainly a pretty phone, so it almost feels wrong to cover it up with a case. A clear case will protect your phone without hiding it in the process, and that’s exactly what Yesgo’s case is all about. Its clear polycarbonate back is scratch resistant so you’ll always be able to easily see the rear side of the phone, and its use of flexible TPU material helps ensure a snug, protective fit. Also, the case’s slim profile makes it so you don’t have to sacrifice wireless charging. Yesgo’s case also helps prevent accidental drops by adding extra grip around the iPhone’s edges too.

Best Bumper Case – Yometome Hybrid Bumper

If a clear case is still too much case for you, a bumper case is the way to go. They add grip and a layer of defense on the perimeter while minimally altering the shape and weight of the iPhone X. Yometome’s bumper case isn’t just a piece of plastic to stick around your new iPhone, but rather a well-planned line of defense for slight drops and slips.

The case utilizes a soft plastic on the edges for additional grip, while applying a harder plastic in the middle for rigidity. The bumper extends beyond the phone’s natural frame to prevent scratches to both sides of the device, with the plastic extending slightly futher around the corners to make sure that the camera housing doesn’t get damaged when setting it down.

Best 360-degree Case – Poetic Guardian

If you really want to protect your iPhone X from any type of accident, you should look for a full-body case. The Guardian by Poetic is a two-piece case that defends every side of the phone, utilizing a built-in screen protector in addition to a reinforced rear case. The bumper portion is raised to protect the iPhone’s camera, and the case’s back side is clear so you can easily show off your  prized possession (and it’s thin enough that it should allow wireless charging, but check with the manufacturer first!). As an added bonus, the Lightning port is covered by a flap to keep dust from infiltrating the phone.

Best Case for Netflix Sessions – Spigen Ultra Hybrid S

With its large 5.8-inch display, the iPhone X is great for watching videos. Even with the screen’s controversial notch, its resolution and OLED beauty are still awesome for movies. For longer viewing sessions, Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid S case will make sure your iPhone X is at just the right angle for optimal viewing, while also protecting it from drops and scrapes when it’s not a video player.

In addition to the case’s magnetic metal kickstand, this Spigen case features a hard polycarbonate shell and TPU bumper for defense and added grip. Its lip and camera cutout are also designed to prevent the screen and lenses from being scratched when you put the phone down. It should also allow for wireless charging as well.

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