In a weirdly cryptic manner, Nerf has announced that they are partnering with Fortnite for presumably a line of guns based on the game’s weaponry. Nerf says so in an Instagram post, simply showing the logos of both Nerf and Fortnite with the caption “Who’s ready to add some gold to their loadout?”

Fortnite has a number of different guns, some of the explosive variety, so it will be interesting to see which ones that Nerf decides to make for their decidedly less lethal soft variants. It would also be kind of neat if the partnership worked both ways and Fortnite added in some well-known Nerf guns for the game, so we can live out the Nerf War dream commercials taught us to have when we were kids.

Details about the partnership should be coming soon, but I imagine Nerf and Epic will want these on the shelves before the holiday shopping season.

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