Activision has announced its plans for PAX Aus, and it includes a barbecue built in the likeness of Spyro that actually breathes fire. PAX attendees can find the “Spyro BBQ” at The Common Man restaurant at the South Wharf near the convention center.

Activision will light it up every hour for a “unique fire show,” while the company will also offer three different lamb dishes inspired by the Spyro franchise. These include Sheila’s Pick, Toasty’s Nightmare, and Spyro’s Flame Feast. If you just want to play the newest Spyro, Activision has the Spyro Reignited Trilogy available at its booth on the show floor for all three days.

Activision is also bringing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice to PAX Aus, and this represents the first time the game is being made available for the public to play in Australia. Shadows Die Twice is the next game from Bloodborne studio From Software.

Additionally, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will be playable at PAX for PC in the ASUS and Nvidia booths.

Outside of playable games, there will be a Destiny 2 “Vigil for Cayde” panel that has a pretty great description: “What can we do to offer solace in this trying time? And how are we going to get revenge on The Forsaken for depriving us of Nathan Fillion?!”

PAX Aus kicks off on October 26 with a keynote address by Rhianna Pratchett, who worked on the Tomb Raider reboot and its sequel, Rise of the Tomb Raider. She also wrote Mirror’s Edge, Heavenly Sword, and the Overlord series. During her PAX Aus keynote, she’ll be engaging directly with fans, answering questions about any number of topics.

GameSpot’s theatre, the GameSpot Dropbear Theatre, will have programming running Friday through Sunday. We’ll be hosting panels on Fortnite’s coverage in the mainstream media, voice acting featuring actors from Telltale’s The Walking Dead and Fallout 4, and hacking a video game, among other topics. You can see the full programming lineup for the GameSpot Dropbear Theatre here, while a full list of every PAX Aus panel can be seen here.

Also new for this year is that PAX Aus and another big-time Australian gaming show, the EB Expo, are joining forces. PAX Aus three-day tickets are sold out, but you can still buy some single-day tickets here on the event’s website.

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