A new week means a new selection of PS4 game discounts are live on the PlayStation Store. You can see them all if you click over to the deals page. But instead of wading through a long, jumbled list of games and add-ons, why don’t you check out the highlights we’ve selected below? It’ll save you time and money. Just note that the deals end on August 14 and you’ll need a PS Plus membership to get the full discount for some of the games.

The meat of this week’s deals is the Quake-Con Sale Bethesda is running to go along with the gaming conference happening this week. For starters, you can grab Fallout 4 for $22.49 or the Game of the Year Edition, which comes with all the DLC expansions, for $30.

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The shape-shifting alien shooter Prey is on sale this week for $15. Sizable discounts are also available on the games in the Dishonored, Evil Within, and Wolfenstein series (see below). And if you happen to have a PSVR headset, you can pick up Doom VFR for $20 or The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR for $42.

Aside from Bethesda’s offerings, it’s mostly indie games on sale this week. You can curse at the delightfully difficult platformer N++ for $7.49, or pick up the Amnesia: Collection, which contains three spooky games that put you in the shoes of nearly helpless protagonists subjected to a series of horrors.

And one recent game that got largely overlooked is Onrush, available for $36. It’s technically a racing game, but it has a lot more going on in it than just trying to finish in first place. From GameSpot’s 9/10 Onrush review: “Calling Onrush a racing game is a tad reductive and maybe even a little disingenuous. Sure, there are two- and four-wheeled vehicles careening around a track with reckless abandon. But with no finishing lines in sight, achieving victory in Onrush is about much more than simply seeing who can reach a chequered flag first.”

You can see the full weekly deals here and the Quake-Con Sale here.

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