The Doinksoft collection bundles three action-packed games on a single cartridge, and all of them are a good fit for the Switch’s mobile-centric design.

First up is Gato Roboto. You’re a cute cat piloting a cozy armored mech in this game, a metroidvania with stylish monochromatic visuals. As you trek through an alien underworld full of irritable creatures and treacherous obstacles, you’ll get closer to rescuing your stranded captain and salvaging his crashed spaceship. You’ll need to blast and dash through dangerous terrain, as well as venture outside the mech and risk all nine lives to access areas and uncover cool secrets.

Gunbrella will see you engage in side-scrolling action as you use the lethal rain-deflecting tool to glide, swing, dash, and shoot your way through people who are out for your head. A gritty noir-punk action-adventure game with heaps of fun platforming, you’ll also interrogate bizarre characters on your quest for answers in this thrilling game.

Finally, Demon Throttle tells the story of a beautiful vampiress and dusty gunslinger on a quest for vengeance. A demon has been up to no good and has wronged both of the unlikely partners, and revenge calls for a violent assault on that fiend’s domain. Interestingly, Demon Throttle was only available as a physical Switch game, so this is a fresh chance to play Demon Throttle and experience its arcade action in case you missed its limited release the first time around.

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