Stardew Valley creator Eric ‘Concerned Ape’ Barone has confirmed that the long-awaited 1.6 update will launch in 2024, and that it will likely be coming to PC ahead of console and mobile versions of the game.

“1.6 ended up being a little larger in scope than originally planned,” said Barone in a post on Twitter / X. “I’m done adding major new content to it now, though, and it’s in a bug-fixing and polishing phase until it’s ready for release. Thx for your patience. It’ll be fun to see everyone play it!”

In a subsequent post, the developer told one curious fan that they would be able to experience most of the new 1.6 content without having to start a fresh game, but also advised that a new file would allow fans to see everything in its proper context. “It’ll be fine to play on an old save, but I’d probably recommend a new save just to experience everything in context, otherwise you’ll unlock a bunch of stuff right away when you load up your old save,” posted the developer.

Barone also revealed that the update will likely land on PC first, before making its way to console and mobile platforms at a later date. In the same post, the developer emphasised that he was striving to avoid a big delay between platform releases, which had proved to be “a nightmare in the past”.

The substantial 1.6 update is set to bring a smorgasbord of new content to the farming RPG, ranging from hundreds of lines of new dialogue to fresh items, enhanced modding support, and late game content. Barone has also begun development on his next title, the Haunted Chocolatier, which is set to place a greater emphasis on combat while sharing many design features and aesthetic elements of Stardew Valley.

Barone shared a number of screenshots from The Haunted Chocolatier last year, which revealed in-game locations and characters, including the town square, a spooky library, and a familiar-looking Grandpa-esque character. The developer has also hinted that he would be open to adapting Stardew Valley into a Studio-Ghibli-esque movie, should the right partners come along.

Image credit: Eric Barone / Twitter

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