Diablo IV fans had to wait longer than expect to dig into Season of Blood, which launched earlier today. Blizzard said that technical issues forced it to delay the new vampire-driven season’s release before it was finally able to launch today.

Since then, Season of Blood has been racked issues with its battle pass, seasonal rewards, and other problems. Some players on Reddit and elsewhere have even claimed that they received free premium battle passes. Another issue has locked out cross-platform play between PC and console.

Blizzard’s announcement was quickly flooded with player complaints of broken progression, with customer service saying only that they “do not have an ETA” and that the issue is “being looked into.” It seems that even though Season of Blood is now available, fans maybe have to wait even longer to be able to enjoy Blizzard’s intended experience.

Season of Blood brings some big changes to Diablo IV

Season of Blood introduces vampires to Blizzard’s popular dungeon crawler along with a host of fundamental changes to its mechanics. Its release coincides with its planned launch on Steam.

Diablo IV has had its share of problems since releasing back in June. While its initial launch was well-received by fans, it has been criticized for its handling of class balance, unique items, and monetization. As a result, Blizzard has been working basically around the clock to try and address fan feedback in order to placate the comunity.

Now that Season of Blood is live, make sure to check out guide to the new vampiric powers and how to unlock them. We’ve also developed a full walkthrough of the original campaign.

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