If you’re an Xbox enthusiast looking to snag an Elite controller, you’re in luck because the Elite Series 2 Core controller is currently available for just $88 at Walmart during its Prime Day 2 counter sale. This deal offers a significant discount from the regular $129.99 MSRP, making it a fantastic opportunity to upgrade to an elite gamepad. While the Elite Series 2 Core doesn’t come with all the extra accessories of the original Elite Series 2, it’s still an outstanding controller, especially if you don’t want to shell out over $180 for all the additional features.

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller - Series 2 Core

Prime Day 2

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller – Series 2 Core

The Elite Series 2 Core controller boasts a range of impressive features, including adjustable-tension thumbsticks, a comfortable wrap-around rubberized grip, shorter hair trigger locks, and a remarkable 40 hours of rechargeable battery life. Plus, it’s not only fully compatible with Xbox Series X|S but also works seamlessly with Xbox One and various Windows 10/11 devices.

If you’re planning to order the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, I recommend doing so as soon as possible. This deal is set to expire after October 11 once Prime Big Deal Days ends. Otherwise, we suggest just checking our relevant articles listed below, and staying plugged into our deals coverage on Twitter/X or Deals Discord.

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What is Prime Big Deal Days/ October Prime Day?

If you’ve been struggling to Google the latest sale, then don’t worry, you’re in the same boat as the rest of us. Amazon seems to be set on not calling the current event Prime Day 2 (despite it feeling like it is). Instead, the event is called Prime Big Deal Days (or you’ll even find some outlets referring to it as October Prime Day). For simplicity, we’re suggesting just checking our relevant articles listed below, and staying plugged in to our deals coverage on Twitter/X or Deals Discord.

Should I Buy an Xbox Series X/S During Prime Day 2 or Black Friday?

In general, it is advisable to keep an eye out for sales and restocks throughout the year, as availability has improved since the initial launch of the console. Unlike the Nintendo Switch, there is no specific recommendation to wait for a sale regardless of the time of year. Instead, it’s a good idea to monitor various retailers and online platforms for restock announcements and promotional offers.

However, certain events like Black Friday or other holiday seasons may bring about unique bundles, discounts, or promotional deals specifically for the Xbox Series X or Series S. These bundles may include additional games, accessories, or exclusive limited editions. While quantities for such promotions might be limited, they can provide an opportunity to get more value for your purchase.

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