A bunch of classic Capcom and Taito arcade games are going portable, thanks to the new Super Pocket handheld line from the makers of the Evercade cabinets.

Two versions of the Super Pocket will be available later this year–one for Taito games and another for Capcom titles–and each model sports its own lineup of games and a unique visual design.

The Taito edition Super Pocket features a green color scheme and comes with 17 Taito arcade games like Space Invaders, Rastan, Bubble Bobble, and Bust-A-Move.

The Capcom Super Pocket comes in a blue and yellow design with 12 games like Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting, Final Fight, Ghouls and Ghosts, and Strider.

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Aside from the game selection and color differences, both Super Pocket Models sport identical specs, including a 2.8-inch IPS screen with a D-Pad, six face buttons, and four rear triggers for controls, plus a slot for Evercade cartridges so you can play even more games on the go. They also feature a four-hour battery life and support fast charging via USB-C. Both Super Pocket models are licensed by Taito and Capcom.

The Taito Super Pocket and Capcom Super Pocket are expected to launch worldwide sometime in October, but you can preorder them now for $60 each at Best Buy.

There are also limited-edition “crystal color” versions available in a $157.28 bundle available at Funstock.

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