Dead Cells joins the growing list of video games getting animated series adaptations with a show based on the popular action roguelike slated to arrive next year.

This series comes from French animation studio Bobbypills, which is also animating Netflix’s upcoming Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon-inspired Captain Laserhawk. Like the game, the plot unfolds on a cursed island consumed by a devastating plague that has warped its residents into dangerous monsters. Only a flame-headed hero of legend can set things right, even though said savior isn’t entirely thrilled with the idea. 

Dead Cells consists of 10 seven-minute-long episodes that will first air exclusively on the French anime streaming service ADN (which is co-producing the show) before becoming available worldwide. 

For more on Dead Cells, check out our impressions of its last major crossover expansion, Return to Castlevania. If you’re looking for other animated series based on your favorite games, Vampire Survivors and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World are just a couple of titles with adaptations in the works. 

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