Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2‘s Season 3 Reloaded update is set to arrive on May 10, bringing new game modes, additional weapons to unlock, and more. Activision has released a new mid-season trailer, which focuses on the upcoming Alboran Hatchery map.

This Season 3 Reloaded trailer gives players a brief look of the action that can be expected on Alboran Hatchery, which is a standard 6v6 multiplayer map set at a hatchery in Galicia, Spain. This is a medium-sized map, where players will battle in and around the hatchery’s main entrance, a fishery warehouse, nearby containers, and a storage building.

As the trailer shows, this map gives lots of space for close-quarters action, but there’s enough open ground for those who prefer longer-range fights. There’s also plenty of rooftop real estate for those wanting to add some verticality to their gameplay.

Alboran Hatchery is the final map of the season, following Season 3’s previously added Pelayo’s Lighthouse and Black Gold 6v6 maps.

Additionally, the launch of Season 3 Reloaded will also include the next Raid episode for Modern Warfare 2, a large-scale Infected mode, and a Kevin Durant operator bundle. Make sure to check out everything announced for Warzone 2’s mid-season update, which includes a mysterious new location for DMZ and a Warzone Ranked Play mode.

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