The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom isn’t out for another week, but it’s now officially available for preloading. As of today, Nintendo Switch users who preordered Tears of the Kingdom digitally can now preload the game a week early as expected.

Of course, it still won’t be playable until the game officially unlocks, but preloading it now might help you jump back into the world of Hyrule a little bit earlier — as GameSpot pointed out, the file is 16.2GB.

Some fans have reported difficulty with getting the preload to begin, but it appears there’s a simple solution. According to Twitter user @PhantomxKairi, canceling the preorder and preordering again should prompt the preload to begin correctly.

Tears of the Kingdom will officially release (and become playable for fans who preloaded) at 9 pm PT on May 11 (or 12 am ET on May 12).

We previewed Tears of the Kingdom last week, and from what we saw, it’s filled with changes and improvements to everything from cooking to Breath of the Wild’s controversial weapon durability system.

However, there’s still quite a lot that we won’t know about Tears of the Kingdom until May 12, including Ganondorf’s true role in the game’s story and what might replace the Divine Beast dungeons.

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