“This additional time will also allow us to continue to optimize The Sinking City, making it a little bit better.”

The H.P. Lovecraft-inspired investigation game The Sinking City has been delayed from its original March 21 release date back to June 27, 2019.

Developer Frogwares explained today that The Sinking City’s release has been pushed back three months due to its currently crowded launch window.

“The reasons for [the delay] are simple: we decided that we want to release our game in a less crowded time frame,” said Frogwares community manager Sergey Oganesyan. “With so many great games coming out around the same time, I’m sure this will also give you some breathing space for your playing time.”

“Hopefully while we are giving you less to worry about – which game you should or shouldn’t play – this additional time will also allow us to continue to optimize The Sinking City, making it a little bit better.”

The Sinking City takes place in the damp, misty 1920s town of Oakmont, Massachusetts, where you play a beleaguered war veteran turned private eye who travels to the town in search of a cure for his creeping insanity.

We recently went hands-on with The Sinking City and found it to be unified in its weirdness as the town literally sinks (into madness).

The Sinking City will be released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One when it does arrive on June 27, 2019. For more on this Cthulu-kissed psychological mystery, stop by the IGN The Sinking City hub.

Brandin Tyrrel is IGN’s Xbox Editor. You can find him on Unlocked, or chat over on Twitter at @BrandinTyrrel.

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