Fireshine Games, the publisher behind titles like Lies of P and Dredge, has revealed Toads of the Bayou, a new turn-based tactical game coming to Early Access on PC next year. 

Toads of the Bayou is the first game from La Grange, a new studio based in France, and it brings roguelike deckbuilding, settlement-building elements, and more to the strategy genre. In the game, players will control a band of toads looking for a place to call home in the swamps of the deep south. However, in order to protect your settlement, you’ll need to fend off the evil Baron Samedi. Along the way, you’ll grow your toad family, create more powerful decks, build a settlement, and more across each run. 

Check out the action for yourself in the Toads of the Bayou teaser trailer below

“Toads of the Bayou is about combining southern gothic spookiness and the sweet taste of cartoon memories into our own take on the turn-based tactical genre,” La Grange game designer Alexandre Clement writes in a press release. “The goal for us was to allow the player to establish their place in this cursed environment and make them appreciate how hard they fought and what they stood for. Nothing is ever granted in the Bayou, and thriving against the Baron’s evil forces is a real achievement.” 

Toads of the Bayou will hit Early Access via Steam on PC sometime in 2024. 

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