While raids in Destiny 2 normally cap out with a team of six, players have figured out a way to cram 12 players into a raid team.

The glitch was reported by PCGamer this week, but has been floating around Destiny 2 communities for a while before that. A number of videos from high-profile players showing the exploit have made the rounds recently, however, bringing it to the attention of more of the community and, no doubt, Bungie itself.

Instructions on how to pull off the raid can be found in this Reddit post–all you need is 11 of your closest friends, a voice call, and some pretty spot-on timing.

Destiny has recently had some issues with exploits in its competitive PVP mode Trials of Osiris, which was taken offline over the weekend in response to widespread match-fixing practices. It’s unclear if it’ll take similar action to prevent 12-person raids as well, given that the exploit doesn’t affect PVP content. With all the players seemingly having a blast with the over-stuffed raids, maybe Bungie will even consider adding it as an option for future raids.

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