Trigger warning: This story references sexual assault

Almost Family has been cancelled by Fox after wrapping its first 13-episode season on February 22, according to the Hollywood Reporter. With low ratings across its run and a lukewarm reception from critics, it’s unlikely to be missed.

The series follows the aftermath of a fertility doctor using his own sperm to conceive over 100 children with unsuspecting mothers. Three of the doctor’s daughters meet each other as half sisters as they struggle with the revelation and its consequences.

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The Fox series faced some controversy about its subject matter, with one reviewer criticizing how “a disgusting crime is merely the backdrop for a quirky family drama.”

These problems were only compounded when allegations surfaced that series star Timothy Hutton raped a 14-year-old model in 1983, published in a Buzzfeed report on Monday. Hutton has emphatically denied these claims.

Almost Family is based on Australian show Sisters, which was picked up by Netflix after its run on local TV. While Sisters also only ran for a single season, it was much better received by critics than its American remake. Sisters is still available to stream on Netflix.

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