If you open Netflix this weekend, you’ll probably come across a new show called Locke and Key. Season 1 of the fantasy-horror series went live today, with all 10 episodes available to binge. Comic book readers will likely instantly recognize the series, as it’s adapted from one of the very best comics of the 21st century. The show diverges from Joe Hill’s original comics, removing some of the more frightening elements in favor of lighthearted fantasy. With that said, it’s definitely worth checking out the comics whether you enjoy the show or not. Amazon has the Locke and Key Slipcase Set on sale for $65.62, roughly $35 off its list price.

The Slipcase Set contains the six main Locke and Key stories
The Slipcase Set contains the six main Locke and Key stories

The Locke and Key Slipcase Set compiles the six main volumes in the comic series (984 pages in all):

  • Welcome to Lovecraft
  • Head Games
  • Crown of Shadows
  • Keys to the Kingdom
  • Clockworks
  • Alpha and Omega

After Rendell Locke is brutally murdered, newly widowed Nina and her three kids–Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode–move to Rendell’s childhood home in Lovecraft, Massachusetts known as Keyhouse Manor. They soon learn that Keyhouse is much more than a home; it’s filled with doors to other dimensions and an ominous being that’s seeking the key that Rendell died protecting. Locke and Key’s gripping story is told in non-chronological order, jumping from the present to the past throughout.

The comics are genuinely frightening, which isn’t surprising considering that Hill is responsible for some of the best modern horror fiction, including Heart-Shaped Box and NOS4A2.

The Slipcase Set contains most of the Locke and Key comics, but not all. A seventh volume, Heaven and Earth, released in 2017 and features three new one-shot stories and other one-shots from “The Golden Age” arc that take place in the past. Last year, Joe Hill revealed a new six-issue arc in the series called World War Key, and earlier this week he announced a new one-shot called Pale Battalions.

For those who have already read the comics, make sure to check out our breakdown detailing the biggest changes in the show. After you watch Episode 1, see how many of these Easter Eggs you noticed.

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