The Epic Games Store has pulled a lot of exclusives with its promise of advances to developers and publishers, and its more generous revenue split compared to Steam, and now it’s taking another step to make things better for the companies releasing games on it. A change in the Epic Games Store policy means that developers are now free to use whatever payment and purchase systems they want within their games.

As reported by Gamasutra, until this change games on the store had to use an Epic-approved payment system for in-game purchases. “We support developers’ right to choose among the best stores, in-app payment processors, online services, and engines,” Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney told them.

This will mean that developers will potentially be able to retain a larger share of the revenue generated from in-game sales, whether those be microtransactions or the purchase of more substantial downloadable content. From a consumer point of view–and, indeed, for a lot of developers–this change probably will not mean much, but there’s now potential for developers to make more money from their in-game sales.

The latest major Epic Games Store exclusive is Phoenix Point, a spiritual successor to XCom.

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