Following the success of Resident Evil 2 remake, a leak shows Capcom may have the next entry nearing release. Two new art pieces for Resident Evil 3 (called Biohazard in Japan) appeared on PlayStation’s Japanese digital store for a brief period, which was collected by gamestat, a website that tracks Sony’s software and applications.

One of the listings is clearly for the core Resident Evil 3 game, but the other is called “Z Version” – likely a deluxe edition of some variety. There is a chance Capcom could just release the classic version again with some changes, but the smart money is on another remake, which could debut next week during The Game Awards.

Gamestat’s data also shows box art for the previously announced Resident Evil co-op survival game codenamed Project Resistance. According to the leak, Project Resistance will now be called Resident Evil Resistance. We may find out the answers to all of this during the Game Awards, but given the leak is out there, we wouldn’t be surprised if Capcom makes it official before that.

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