Death Stranding’s universe is so dense that understanding it can be an over encumbering burden in and of itself. But don’t worry, Kurt Indovina is here to carry that weight for you.

Armed with cans of Monster Energy, Kurt bears the enormous, impossible task of making Hideo Kojima’s artistic vision crystal clear. In this video, you’ll learn about Death Stranding’s bleak view of a future America, and how a catastrophic explosion led to its current state–an explosion that pulled a lot of the American population into the afterlife, created a new material called chiralium which disrupted global communication systems, and the supernatural rain known as Timefall.

Kurt also attempts to explain BB’s (Bridge Babies), BT’s (Beached Things), the difference between factions like BRIDGES and MULEs, the Chiral Network, and whether or not you ever actually get to see Norman’s peedus. And he does all this while grappling with his own fragile humanity.

Can Kurt keep it together while untying the knotted umbilical cord that is Death Stranding’s universe? How many Monster Energy drinks will it take for him to grasp the game artistic genius? And will he live another day to make an ending explained video?

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