It’s going to be a while before we get another season of Stranger Things, with season 4 set to start shooting in January 2020, and will premiere in the summer at the earliest. We’ve already gotten our first little tease of what we’re likely to see when the series eventually returns, but after a great season three many fans will be eager for any new Stranger Things content they can get their hands on.

Thankfully, the Stranger Things YouTube account has delivered today, posting blooper reels for all three seasons for us to enjoy . Don’t expect any revelations about process here, or deep insights into the personal lives of the characters, or hints towards future seasons here–it’s a lot of flubbed lines, things falling down, and footage of kids dancing. It’s all very charming, and a great reminder of how important the cast’s natural chemistry is to the series’ success.

The season 1 blooper reel is a flashback to a younger cast, and is by far the shortest.

Here’s the season 2 blooper reel, where you can check out a lot of the cast’s dance moves.

The blooper reel for the show’s third season has a stronger emphasis on flubbed lines (albeit still with some dancing), and is a bit longer overall. It shows how well the cast plays off each other behind the scenes, and hints at the camaraderie and friendship that have built up between them over three seasons of filming. Of particular note is David Harbour’s hilarious inability to deliver the line “it’s your grandma” without cracking up.

Today is Stranger Things Day–November 6, 1983 was the date on which Will Byers disappeared into the Upside Down, and the Blooper Reels have been released to celebrate (or commemorate). If you’re hungry for more behind-the-scenes content, here are 15 on-set photos released shortly after Stranger Things 3 debuted. It’s also worth checking out our list of season 3’s best Easter eggs.

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