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Fortnite Endgame Challenges are a new set of challenges available during Season 8. These were released alongside the v8.50 patch on April 25 to celebrate the release of Avengers: Endgame. Complete 10 of the 12 challenges to unlock a new glider.

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Deal damage while hovering with Iron Man’s Repulsors[edit]

One of the four mythical weapons the hero teams gets to use are Iron Man’s Repulsors. These allow you to jump and boost into the air, all while allowing you to shoot beam shots out of your repulsors. These beams will also lock onto enemy if you have the cursor close enough. Each blast deals 75 damage and you’ll need to accumulate a total of 1000 damage for this challenge.

Collect Infinity Stones[edit]

Only works if you are on the enemy team. Once the match starts, seek out the first Infinity Stone as it crashes onto the map. Collect it to add to this challenge and to take control of Thanos. Head for the other Infinity Stones that periodically appear on the map and collect three of them to finish the challenge. You’ll need to spend a good five seconds collecting it and the stones are typically heavily guarded by the heroes.

Play matches of Endgame[edit]

Play 7 matches of the Endgame LTM. This is as straightforward as it gets. Work on completing the other challenges and you’ll likely play more than this amount! Remember, you need to wait until the match is over for it to count – don’t enter the match and leave immediately!

Deal damage by throwing Thor’s Stormbreaker Axe[edit]

One of the four mythical weapons the hero teams gets to use is Thor’s Stormbreaker Axe. Each swing of the axe deals 200 damage. Jump and swing to perform a lunge attack, a move great for travel too! You can also throw the axe and have it swing back, destroying anything in its path. This challenge calls for 1000 damage with the axe.

Deal damage while flying with the Chitauri Jetpack[edit]

While on the enemy team, float using the Chitauri Jetpack and use your either of your weapons while staying airborne. This one only requires 100 damage to complete the challenge!

Eliminations in different matches of Endgame[edit]

Again, if you’re working on the other challenges, this will come easily! As Thanos, you’ll have opportunities to one hit kill enemies. Even on the team of the heroes, the mythical Avengers weapons can take out enemies in one or two hits. Being able to respawn helps a lot!

Additional Challenges Unlocking Soon[edit]

Coming soon!

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