Apex Legends is finally getting a Duos mode next week, though only for a short while. Developer Respawn Entertainment announced the news in a recent tweet, revealing that Duos will be arriving in the battle royale shooter on Tuesday, November 5.

The mode will only be available for a limited time, but Respawn didn’t say when it will be removed. This is similar to when Apex Legends introduced a highly requested Solos mode back in August. Apex Legends’ emphasis on teamwork and communication is what initially deterred Respawn from deviating away from the standard three-person setup, but with the success of Solos and the current Halloween-themed Shadowfall game mode, the developer is clearly more willing to branch out and offer different experiences, if only for a limited time.

You only have a few days left to try Shadowfall if you haven’t already, as it will be going away when Duos launches on November 5.

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