Shannon Noll, a singer-songwriter known for his appearance on Australian Idol and for being a meme, is starting a competitive gaming team. Announced at PAX Aus in Melbourne today, Noll has been named the captain of the “Motley Squad” team that will compete in the upcoming Legion of Champions Series IV tournament presented by Lenovo. Noll’s gamer name is apparently “Nollsie.”

Motley Squad is currently recruiting “celebrity” gamers to join him, though no other names have been announced or hinted at thus far.

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“I can’t wait to begin recruiting some fellow celebs to take on some of the regions top gamers in November at Lenovo’s Legion of Champions tournament,” Noll said in a statement. “People still have an outdated idea that only hardcore gamers are interested in gaming. That’s just not true. My kids play, and I’m here at PAX meeting all kinds of people–from lawyers to doctors, kids to grandparents.

“I’m excited to assemble the rest of the Motley Squad and show how people with different lives and experiences can come together to enjoy gaming together.”

Popular pro gamer FaZe Hazz is working with Noll and the other celebrity members of Motley Squad to help them improve their skills.

“I know we’ll have to work hard to get a team in shape by November, but I’m excited to open up the world of gaming to a new group of people,” Hazz said in a statement. “While the competition may be stiff, and the team inexperienced, the passion of a new group of gamers is sure to make for an exciting journey. Keep your eyes peeled for who Nollsie ecruits, and how they do.”

PAX Aus runs October 11-13 in Melbourne, and GameSpot is on hand at the show all weekend to bring you news and further coverage. For more, check out a rundown of all the panels in the GameSpot Theatre.

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